largest manufacturer of
grids in ukraine
Kiev. Office-warehouse
(wholesale retail)
Medova str. 3а
(044) 591-15-15
in Ukraine

About the Company

LLC Factory "Center Sitka" is a leading local manufacturing company for the production of :

  • reinforcing grid
  • reinforcement cages
  • plastering grid
  • galvanized grid
  • expanded grid
  • grid netting
  • modern fencing systems

    Our company constantly produces more than 100 kinds of products.

    Welded anchor, masonry grid is vailable in more than 25 kinds of products in standard sizes. We also accept orders for the manufacture of welded grid on the individual drawing.

    Over 20 types of black and galvanized welded grids are produced.

    Plastering expanded grid is Available in 6 species of black and galvanized grid.

    Grid netting – we mastered the production of 11 types of black and galvanized grid netting.

    In June 2004 we opened our own office and warehouse “Sitka”on the area of 1.2 hectares, which provided not only grid of our own production , but more than 60 different types of grid.

    We settled an agreement with other companies producing grid for the supply grid at the lowest prices to the "Center "Sitka". Due to the low trading margin for the grid which is not made on our production site, the average wholesale price for all the products presented in the "Center "Sitka" does not exceed the average level of prices.

    Regardless of the amount of products you purchase, our professional experts will advise you on the use of grids , on their characteristics, methods for their efficient operation

    At the request of the customer the Center "Sitka" provides delivery by its own trucks in Kiev and in the Kiev region. The Center "Sitka" has the ability to send products to any destination in Ukraine.

    Owing to a network of offices in other cities and a regular supply of products from the production, a customer can purchase grids in his region.