largest manufacturer of
grids in ukraine
Kiev. Office-warehouse
(wholesale retail)
Medova str. 3а
(044) 591-15-15
in Ukraine

For dealers

To the attention of dealers

The Center "Sitka" is expanding its dealer network in the regions of Ukraine.

With more than 80 kinds of grid of own production, and more than 50 other kinds, we will offer you the most liquid positions. The Center "Sitka" provides the Dealer with special prices and favorable terms and also provides promotional support , as follows:


  • Dealer's contact details are added to all of our marketing materials, advertising blocks in the Ukrainian advertising editions (Business, Business Price lists, Build UP!) information leaflets. The Center "Sitka" covers the cost of the advertising block in any advertising publication of the Dealer’s region. The dealer has full information support.
  • At any time our representatives provide information and consulting services to the Dealer as to the application of the product, pricing and the formation of the optimal inventory.

Seller shall have the obligation to protect the dealer from unfriendly competition from competing structures by reducing selling prices, additional advertising, participation in trade shows, etc.

In the event that some of the items of the proposed goods will not be in the demand, the Centre "Sita" guarantees to replace items that are illiquid in your opinion for the more liquid ones or to refund the money.

With the trading margin of 15-20% for medium wholesalers, the dealer’s selling price will not exceed the average market price.


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